Behavioural bias and fees when managing capital

Anyone that runs their own portfolio will have heard the saying “bear markets turn traders into long term investors”. Outside of the obviously facetious element of the quote, it raises an interesting point about loss aversion – mainly that many retail investors seek to avoid crystallising losses in the hope of a share price rebound

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Guest Starring on the Twin Petes Investing Podcast!

Last week, I was invited to guest star on the Twin Petes Investing Podcast Episode 73, starring alongside my good friend Peter Higgins and acting as a temporary stand-in for the missing Pete “WheelieDealer” due to health problems. The episode was an absolute delight to film, and despite having relatively little warning of the invitation,

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Confidence in Portfolio Strategy

To be a successful investor requires confidence in portfolio management – in particular, the strategy and companies which you have selected. This sounds like an obvious statement. After all, if you don’t believe in the performance of the companies then why would you invest in them? Having confidence in your portfolio management strategy often requires

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Avoiding Bias

Many years ago, I was travelling with a friend and his family to a holiday in Skegness as his Father gave him \’interview prep\’ for an upcoming interview for a job at McDonald\’s. My friend\’s Father asked my friend whether or not his would ever act in a biased way against people and my friend

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