About Me

Since 2012, I’ve shared insights on investing and personal finance, emphasizing principles over tips. Learned from diverse private investors, now giving back to the community.
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About Me

I began investing in 2012 and have been writing about investing and personal finance since 2015, sharing both my personal approach and exploring that of others.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet dozens of private investors – some are High Net Worth Individuals that manage tens of millions in assets, others are just starting out with a few thousand pounds. I’ve learnt so much from these relationships I wanted to give something back to the investing community and share some of the investing experiences I have on a daily basis.

I never felt comfortable with the idea of ‘tipsters’ and have always avoided talking too closely about individual positions I hold and instead focussed on the foundations principles of investing. Although I do discuss individual companies, it is usually in the context of illuminating a core investing concept, rather than as an encouragement to open or close an individual position in a company.

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My Journey

Since 2012, I’ve been immersed in investing, documenting my journey in personal finance since 2015. Engaging with various private investors, from High Net Worth Individuals to beginners, has enriched my perspective. 

I share insights regularly, emphasizing foundational investing principles over ‘tipster’ approaches. Individual companies are discussed to illustrate core investment concepts, not to advocate specific positions.


First began investing in companies I “knew and understood”


Blog launched and began formally measuring performance of investments


100th article published on blog


Best year of investing achieved with a 21% annual return


First ever annual loss incurred as portfolio loses 11%


Formally invited to become a co-host on the Twin Petes Investing podcast


My Investing Goals

In 2012, I started investing with a modest amount and limited knowledge, following a basic strategy of ‘buying good businesses.’ Despite facing challenges, including navigating through events like the Great Financial Crash, Brexit, political shifts, and a global pandemic, my investment journey has evolved.

Today, my refined strategy aims for 10% to 15% annual returns through a mix of capital gains and income. Prioritizing capital preservation, I avoid holding underwater trades unless the company is at serious risk or unlikely to recover in the long term.

While I don’t claim to be the next Warren Buffett, I’ve been successfully managing my portfolio since 2012. I acknowledge the many skilled investors in the public domain, but I believe I’ve gained valuable insights into markets and psychology. My strategy has proven effective in both bull and bear markets.

This site serves as a starting point to develop an investing philosophy. I emphasize the patience and resilience required in this process, acknowledging occasional failures. The goal is to inspire and encourage those virtues as you embark on your own investing journey.

My Investment Style

I follow a ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy, prioritizing income and quality over short-term pricing opportunities.

My portfolio is diversified, with the majority of investments intended for a 3-5 year horizon. Additionally, I maintain a small ‘core’ holding for over 10 years and allocate a portion of capital for shorter-term ‘trades’ lasting 1-2 years or less.

Preference for Income and Quality:

I favor shares that generate income, and all my investments, except private placements, pay dividends. Quality metrics, including Return on Equity, Return on Capital, and Profitability, are crucial factors in my investment decisions. I closely monitor Price to Equity ratios, preferring single or low double digits and becoming cautious at 20 or above. A target dividend yield of 4-5% guides my new investments.

Flexible Market Cap Approach:

Market capitalization is not a primary concern for me. While some may shy away from small or micro caps, I consider them acceptable investments if well-managed, given their growth potential. Quality is paramount, especially in smaller companies, where the risk of investing in poorly managed stocks appears inversely related to company size.

Aversion to Leverage and Debt:

I avoid leveraging both personally and in the companies I invest in. A preference for a healthy cash float guides my choices, and while I may support sensible use of debt occasionally, companies relying heavily on borrowing to operate are unappealing due to their temporary nature.

Influences and Learning:

I draw inspiration from investment luminaries such as Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger, and Ray Dalio. Their wisdom, available through books and podcasts, enriches my understanding. I consider myself fortunate to access their insights and aim to delve into their teachings throughout my blog.

Long-Term Focus and Minimal Portfolio Activity:

I resist frequent portfolio adjustments. Identifying and investing in the top 5-10% of market-leading companies is my goal. I see no reason to change successful investments unless they are surpassed by competitors or face management issues. This long-term approach emphasizes holding onto high-quality companies rather than constant portfolio churn for short-term gains.

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